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Wildlife and environment

Waterfalls in the territory of Villacidro

The environmental features and the varied wildlife of the province of Middle Campidano can ensure any kind of amazing tours to discover lots of evocative and interesting settings. Among the widest in Europe, the golden dunes of Piscinas, offer a view of outstanding attractiveness. This naturalistic and environmental oasis hosts an uncommon fauna and flora: from the distinctive junipers, whose oldest exemplars show a twisted trunk, to the deer populating the dunal system in the wild state. Towards the hinterland, the imposing Mount Linas Massif covers most of the provincial territory with century-old, thick woodlands, springs of flowing waters in the rainy season and protected faunistic species including the mouflon, the Bonelli’s Eagle, the wild boar and the griffon. Also, hilly grounds can offer evocative landscapes, either in the gentle slopes of Marmilla or in the Giara plateau; here, small horses can be spotted among a lushing vegetation, living undisturbed in their own lands. Finally, a wide range of environments stretch out onto the plains: from wetlands, characterized by the presence of elegant and flexuous pink flamingos, to the numerous parks of the territory, where century-old plants and springs make an ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts.



  • Myrtle Flora
    The myrtle is a characteristic plant of the island flora, strongly linked to Sardinian customs and folklore. Typically, it shows glossy green leaves, white spring flowers of an intense scent and small black berries of a distinctive bitterish taste. It has always been used as an ornamental...
  • The Linas Massif Mountains - the Linas Massif
    La provincia del Medio Campidano è dominata ad ovest dal Massiccio del Linas, originatosi nel periodo Paleozoico tra i 600 e i 300 milioni di anni fa; insieme al Sulcis, è una delle più antiche terre emerse d’Europa...
  • Aerial view of a pond in the Giara of Gesturi Plains and hills
    The province hinterland is marked by hills and plains in Marmilla and by the extensive plains of Campidano of Serrenti, Serramanna and Samassi. These lands have always been known and farmed thanks to the fertility and productivity of their soils. Since the age of the Phoenicians...
  • The Costa Verde Sea and coastlines
    An amazing variety of beaches and cliffs characterizes the coastlines in the province of Middle Campidano. Marine areas are comprised within the territory of Arbus; they extend for about 47 kilometres. Among the best known locations (from south to north) are Capo Pecora, Scivu, Piscinas...
  • Small horses of the Giara of Gesturi The fauna
    They are the last survivors of a breed probably imported by Phoenician or Greek navigators. Once, the species used to populate the whole island; nowit has found in the Giara of Gesturi the ideal conditions to ensure its survival, thanks to the natural isolation offered by that place...