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Reception facilities

Struttura ricettiva - Hotel Villaggio Sabbie d'Oro (Lido Sabbie d'Oro)

The Province offers a wide range of options for visitors to organize their stay.

The area has got various reception facilities of different typologies: hotels inside urban centres or in their immediate surroundings, immersed in the greenery, as well as a few alternative facilities, such as farm-stays or rural tourism, B&Bs, villages and camping sites
In the mountain, in the inhabited centres, at the seaside or at the heart of the countryside…there are lots of solutions and different reception facilities for any needs.

Also, gourmets or simple good cooking lovers and onlookers may choose among a wide selection of places where to enjoy a healthy and traditional typical cuisine, with tourist menus or more sophisticated ones.
This section, thus, wants to offer a useful tool to those who want to organize their holiday or stay within the territory by themselves.



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Reception facility list

  • Rio Castangias
    Località Rio Castangias Km. 79.4 - Arbus
    Cellulare: 349 54 41 306 - 349 83 26 406
    Email: rio.castangias@tiscali.it
    Sito: www.riocastangias.it
  • Ristorante Bar Pizzeria La Terrazza
    Località Funtanazza - Arbus
    Telefono: 070 9770076 - 070 9750011
  • Ristorante Bella Vista
    Via Montevecchio, 62 - Arbus
    Telefono: 0709759792
  • Ristorante Hope Road Pub
    Via Libertà, 28 - Arbus
    Telefono: 0709753041
  • Ristorante La Caletta
    Località Torre dei Corsari - Arbus
    Telefono: 070977133 
  • Ristorante Le Dune
    Località Torre dei Corsari - Arbus
    Telefono: 070977130
  • Ristorante Mare Blu
    Località Torre dei Corsari - Arbus
    Telefono: 070977147
  • Ristorante Sabbie d'oro
    Località sabbie d'oro, marina di Pistis - Arbus
    Telefono: 070977074
  • Ristorante Sciopparoxiu
    Località Piscinas - Arbus
    Telefono: 3405724310 - 3497707938
  • Ristorante Torre dei Corsari
    Via della Torre - Arbus
    Telefono: 070977028
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