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Setzu, Nuraghi and ‘Domus de Janas’

The ‘domus de janas’ ‘Sa Domu e S’Orcu’

Several archaeological finds of great interest can be found in the countryside of the village, such as the single-tower nuraghe called Nuraxi ‘Su Forru ‘e Sa Teula’, rising in the proximity of a Roman necropolis. A narrow street connects the Nuragic site to the Domus de janas ‘Sa Grutta ‘e sa perda’. Its entrance looks like an oven-shaped mouth, quite characteristic as it is crossed through by the stream Rio Setzu and even because stalactites form inside, in winter. Another ‘domus de janas’ called ‘Sa Domu e S’Orcu’ dates from the Recent Neolithic and consists of a single, roundish block of limestone.