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Siddi, Museum of agro-industrial traditions of Sardinia

Internal courtyard of ‘Casa Steri’

Hosted in the 17th-century ‘Casa Steri’, located in the village centre, the Museum presents living and working spaces of a house throughout the centuries. Indeed, the different rooms show what the production techniques, cooking and eating styles, know-how and customs of a whole community were like. All the exhibition spaces may lead to a new discovery of food traditions in Sardinia, including traditional methods to produce, process and store food since the Nuragic age. A visit to the Museum may start from the spaces focusing on oil and milk production cycle; then, the tour explores a mill and a 17th-century kitchen, complete with typical cookers to roast meat; it also includes several tools such as sieves, baskets and civeddas – distinctive Sardinian clay or earthenware vessels. Finally, there is a barn with a selection of farming tools and a few stables with branding irons and wine-making equipment.