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Gonnosfanadiga, mine of ‘Perda ‘e Pibera’

Interior of molybdenite mine in the park of ‘Perd'e Pibera’

Built in the territory of Gonnosfanadiga in the first half of 1800, the mine was recognized as the major Sardinian ore of molybdenite, a most rare sulphur. During last century’s ‘30s, modern works and a few edifices were built, including the mine director’s residence and some houses meant for the workers. At the beginning of the ‘50s, mining activities decreased because of the lower amounts of minerals extracted, until the eventual closing of the mine in 1952. Buildings and lands belonging to the site are now owned by the municipality of Gonnosfanadiga, which has recently restored them to be used as a centre for meetings or extemporary exhibitions.