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The church of Santa Barbara

Bird’s-eye view of the church of Santa Barbara, immersed in the greenery

Rising in the mining borough of Ingurtosu, the church of Santa Barbara (Ingurtosu – Arbus) is structured into a nave and two aisles, with a central vault supported by imposing granite columns. For this building, 20,000 liras were offered by Pope St. Pius X to engineer Pavan, director of the mine at that time. The construction of the church was started in 1914; despite of the First World War, that entailed a slowdown of works, the building was inaugurated by Monsignor Manueli on 21st May, 1916.
A Stations of the Cross was built in 1958, starting from the church and snaking through a path immersed in vegetation, to reach a natural rocky area where the three Calvary crosses were installed.