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Decorative ceramics

The origins of Sardinian ceramics art are rooted in pre-history. Mainly consists of terra-cotta items, due to the large presence of clays in the island, it has always been characterized by simple forms, including daily-use tools, such as pitchers and jugs (marigas), plates (prattus), glasses (tassas), pots and pans (pingiadas) and cups or coffee-cups (ciccaras), finely decorated.

Production techniques were similar in all the areas in the island (potter’s wheel and coil pot methods); in the same way, the construction technique of firing kilns, glazing and tools for clay modelling were mostly alike.

The village of Pabillonis has always been specialized in cookware manufacturing: indeed, it was known as ‘the pots village’ (sa bidda ‘e is pingiadas), as it would produce crockery for the whole island, being renowned for its resistance to high temperatures as for its lightness and handy shapes. Earthenware high resistance was due to the quality of raw materials, having specific properties, while their durability depended on the care they were handled with - a pan of average size usually lasting 10-12 months.

At present, lots of craftsmen from Middle Campidano still create wonderful objects of ceramics and terra-cotta, finely decorated, which have lost their original daily-use function to become decorative furnishings.

Local companies

  • Alessandra Furcas
    Via Santa Vitalia, 94 - 09027 Serrenti
    Cell. +39 347 44 46 655
    Email: alefurcas@yahoo.it 
  • Arte Terra e Fuoco di Patrizia Cara
    Bottega artigianale di ceramiche artistiche
    Via G.Antonio Sanna 26 Guspini (VS)
    Tel. 3208145778
    E-mail: info@arteterraefuoco.it
  • Artesania di Murgia Gaia Lorena
    Via Martini - Guspini
    Telefono: 3498786560
  • Casa della Ceramica
    Produzione Ceramiche Artistiche
    Società Cooperativa Turismo in Marmilla
    Piazza Costituzione, 5 - Villanovaforru (VS)
    Tel. 070 9300232
  • Ceramica Marrocu
    Zona industriale Strada C1 - Villacidro
    Telefono: 0709329409
  • Ceramiche Artistiche di Mimma Mugnai
    Vico I° Milano, n. 3 - Pabillonis
    Telefono: 340 05 56 759
  • Ceramiche Nuragiche
    Via Argiolas 16 - Villanovaforru
    Telefono: 0709300001
  • Ceramiche da Zio Ugo
    Via Emilio Lussu, 11
    09030 Pabillonis
  • Ceramika Mediterranea di Anna Cara
    Zona Artigianale
    Località "Domu Campu"
    09030 Pabillonis
    Telefono: 3466645106
    E-mail: ceramika.anna@alice.it
  • Coop. Villa Abbas
    piazza libertà c/o Museo Archeologico Villa Abbas - Sardara
    Telefono: 0709387304
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