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Theme itineraries

Sunset on the rocky coastline of Pistis

Thanks to its cultural richness and landscape variety, the provincial territory offers countless itineraries: from environmental to historical/cultural routes, from food-and-wine to sports itineraries addressed to hillwalking or cycling enthusiasts, and much more.
Wildlife lovers may prefer discovering amazing paths among rugged mountains, landscapes of gentle slopes, marshy wetlands or coastlines of evocative beauty.
With some luck, a number of protected fauna species might be encountered in a rich vegetal biodiversity.
Cultural itineraries, on the other hand, will take visitors to find out picturesque corners among ancient walls, religious settlements, old rural churches, archaeological sites of Nuragic, Phoenician/Punic and Roman ages, in addition to sites of industrial archaeology throughout mining areas.
Touring among historical places and monuments may be coupled with an approach to the secrets of an ancient know-how, preserved by local folklore, whose traces can be identified in a number of activities and craftsmanship products, as well as in the customs, uses and festivals of these lands.
Not to be missed, food-and-wine itineraries are closely linked to local folklore; they offer the pleasure to taste delicious dishes, while taking a chance to hand down a century-old culture and its flavours.



  • Two-light windows in the apse of the church of San Gregorio, Sardara Art and Culture - Along the paths of history
    The Province of Middle Campidano offers a wide range of historical, artistic and cultural resources. As the long frequentation of the area dates back to most ancient times, it has left deep-rooted traces, in its monuments, its traditions and in the most varied expressions of local culture...
  • Oil and olives Food-and-wine - Flavours and tastes
    The food-and-wine and agro-industrial offer of Middle Campidano is so wide that it is not easy to single out one itinerary in particular. The best way to find out local delicacies is to follow flavours and colours along the streets of the villages. Here it is common to smell an intense flavour of freshly baked bread...
  • ‘San Giovanni’ shaft of Piccalinna site in Montevecchio Mines - Underground wonders
    For more than 8000 years, peoples inhabiting the island have exploited the rich mining ores in order to extract copper, silver, lead and other minerals from them. Yet, it was only during 1800 that the major mines started their activity. The sites, villages and boroughs that they have left, still visible today, are characterized by a refined architecture, sunk in a combination of remarkable natural environments, from the mountains to the sea...
  • Nature - From the mountains to the sea Nature - From the mountains to the sea
    Green and naturalistic environments of this province offer an all-embracing variety of landscapes and colours, so there is plenty to choose from. We recommend visitors to explore the territory in various directions, in order to seize all its different aspects and settings: hills, blooming meadows, mountains and sea...
  • Mountain bike excursion Sports - Outdoor life
    Wide spaces, varied landscapes and a mild climate, characterizing the region of Middle Campidano, allow to practice a number of outdoor sports in any season...
  • Procession during the feast of San Leonardo in Serramanna Traditions - An ancient culture of a thousand faces
    Popular traditions of Middle Campidano have often made the object of studies by enthusiasts and scholars; however, the interest they rise goes beyond the academic community, as folklore can also involve tourists and onlookers. Traditions and ancient rites are not merely a cold revisiting...