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Cork is a distinctive material of Sardinian woodlands. Finely worked, it is used to create a variety of items and household trinkets. Artistic cork working includes a wide range of products, depending mostly on individual artisans’ fancy.

In the agro-pastoral civilization, this material was used to make objects having specific functions, such as shelves, cutting boards, fishing floats, tools, ancient beehives, barrels for drinkable water storage, watering cans, amphorae and furnishings in general; in foils, it was employed to line and insulate the walls.

Cork was also used to make small objects, such as cases, photo holders, ornaments, frames and decorating panels.

Currently, production is mainly focused on souvenirs: coated bottles, pyrographed images of Sardinia and nuraghi and hand-painted pieces, which are often of a high value. But there are also simple and characteristic trays to serve roasted suckling pig on a bed of myrtle leaves.
Cork working still plays a major role in Sardinia, as this is the only material whose extraction, transformation and artisan processing are performed exclusively in the island.
In the province of Middle Campidano, the art of cork is kept alive thanks to the skill of craftsmen and hobbyists producing various types of furnishings following the traditional techniques.

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