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The Park of San Sisinnio (Villacidro)

Wild olives in the Park of San Sisinnio

A natural spectacle of magnificent beauty is offered by this Park of millenary wild olive trees, in the territory of Villacidro, a real treasure among the many riches of the environmental heritage of Middle Campidano. These beautiful trees surrounding the rural church represent the most important aggregation of great wild olives of Sardinia; a few exemplars reach a height of 13 metres, with a trunk circumference exceeding 5 metres. Their exasperated forms concur in creating an evocative and magic backdrop for a legend, handed down since centuries, which has it that San Sisinnio got rid of some dreadful witches haunting these lands. They used to kill children, sneaking, by means of evil crafts, in the peaceful lives of the villagers…One might almost believe to see witches entangled among these entwined, millenary trunks; so monstrous and awful, tied at their roots, in a desperate, yet vain effort to set themselves free and fly away…