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The Park of ‘Perd’e Pibera’ (Gonnosfanadiga)

Stream inside the park

The Park of ‘Perd’e Pibera’, located in the territory of Gonnosfanadiga, is the widest Municipal Park of Middle Campidano. Forests of ilexes and century-old oaks alternate with recently restored buildings, once related to a molybdenite mine that was widely exploited during the fascist period. These edifices are currently used as conference rooms, or to host extemporary exhibitions.
Walking down the park, a few pleasant routes lead to the highest peaks of Linas, including Pk. Perda de sa Mesa, the highest of the range with its 1236 m a.s.l.; also, Pk. Cammedda and Pk. Santu Miali. Likewise, it is possible to find out natural landscapes, still pristine and wild, guarding real surprises such as a rare population of Taxus baccata, i.e. century-old, huge-sized yews.