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Festivals and events

infiorata durnante la festa di San Antonio Arbus

Festivals, shows and events in Sardinia – and in Middle Campidano, in particular – stem from the variety of popular traditions that have always been captivating tourists and scholars’ interest, even beyond the island boundaries.

The emotional and sentimental participation of locals is such to make events not only an evidence of the past, but rather a highlight felt as a significant aspect of everybody’s daily life. The origin of local cults and festivals is closely linked to agro-pastoral economy, whose marks can be identified in traditional dance, music and singing, often recalling farming and pastoral activities.

Religion is the essential component unifying all festivals. In Sardinia, it is usually associated to ancestral rites and cults, merging sacred and profane, now indissolubly. Religious feasts in the honour of a Saint, indeed, have often been inserted into an ancient, century-old pagan tradition, resulting in fascinating and pleasant effects. This is why prayers, history, legends and popular beliefs all concur in creating an atmosphere of faith and mysticism, where the vivid costumes of folklore, the colours of the feast, the flavours of sweets, music and chants are blended into a religious event, a fair or a show, making it an appointment not to be missed.