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The knife


Undoubtedly, Sardinia could be defined as a land of metals and knives, being blacksmiths’ and cutlers’ activity widespread in the whole island.

Production range includes sickles and knives. With special reference to these latter, a few of them are renowned, such as the ‘Arburesa’, also referred to as ‘old-style’(type) or ‘gonnese’. It presents a rounded blade and a bowed handle, carved in a single piece, with two metallic fasteners at its ends, mainly used by shepherds in skinning.

There is also a ‘guspinese’ type, rather rounded, with mutton’s horn handle, slightly arched, ideal for various point- and cutting uses. This knife is also available as a pointless model, introduced by the government at the beginning of 1900; it became most popular among miners.

Touring the villages of the province, it is common to find out a number of laboratories allowing to assist to knives manufacturing.
Every two years in Montevecchio, a significant mining centre of the area, an exhibition called Arresojas takes place to rediscover and promote the heritage of Sardinian blades. This event has now become an important highlight for enthusiasts and onlookers.
Still within the province, the Museum of Sardinian Knife in Arbus invites to assist to knife manufacturing, through a visit to a few spaces formerly hosting a blacksmith’s workshop.

Local companies

  • Boiccu
    Via Satta 20 - Arbus
    Telefono: 0709756262 - 3208705608
  • Coltelleria Il Folletto di Floris Tito
    Via Genova 27 - Guspini
    Telefono: 3804554253
  • Coltelleria L’Arburesa 2 di Francesco Pusceddu
    Località Villaggio Fiorito - Arbus
    Telefono: 0709754749
  • Coltelleria L’Arburesa di Paolo Pusceddu
    Via Roma 15 - Arbus
    Telefono: 3490537765
  • Coltelleria Montis Efisio
    Via Villacidro  14 - Vallermosa
    Telefono: 078179333
  • Coltelleria Sardu di Foddi Danilo
    Località Canneddus - Gonnosfanadiga
    Telefono: 339 18 85 717
    Sito: www.coltelleriasardu.it
    E-mail: coltelleriasardu@hotmail.it

  • Coltelli Furitto di Cancedda Gianpaolo
    Via Zepapra 73 - Guspini
    Telefono: 3389273808
  • Il Corsaro di Onnis Giampaolo
    Vico II Marconi - Arbus
    Telefono: 3403059232
  • Laboratorio artigiano coltelleria "Is Lunas"
    Loc. S. Marina - Villanovaforru
    Telefono: 0709300033
  • Laboratorio artigiano coltelleria Mocci
    Via Umberto I 35 - Villanovaforru
    Telefono: 3396748403
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