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Villamar churches

The church of San Pietro

Only a few churches have been left out of the eight once present in Villamar. In the centre of the Mallorquin quarter is the church of San Pietro, built in the second half of the 13th century in Pisan-Romanesque style. The edifice, built in sandstone and volcanite, has got two naves, each terminating in an apse. There are even some decorations revealing the influence of Arab workers employed for the construction of the church. The parish church of San Giovanni Battista, raised in the 13th century in Romanesque style, has conserved but a little of its initial structure: indeed, as early as the 16th century, it was restructured in late-Gothic style according to the Sardinian-Catalan prototype of the parish church of San Giacomo in Cagliari. Currently, the church presents three naves with two side chapels. In its central part, the portal is enriched by a moulded cornice and sided by two additional lateral entrances. On the left is a bell tower with squared plan. Besides some precious pieces of sacred furniture, an outstanding importance is given to the retable of 1518 by Pietro Cavaro, a well-known painter from Cagliari, whose workshop was in the ancient quarter of Stampace. The work was commissioned to the painter from the Aymerich household, who asked to have its coat of arms inserted in it (as it can be observed in the lower end of the polvaroli, projecting cornices protecting paintings from dust). Outside the inhabited centre is the church of the Virgin of Itria, raised in the 12th century, whose present appearance is the result of a number of restorations that have transformed the original plan. The edifice has got three naves; the central one is sided by five pointed arches supporting a wooden truss roofing. The central façade shows a sail-shaped bell tower and, in the centre, a stone sculpture of the Virgin. The church area is entirely fenced and surrounded by a beautiful garden.