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Gonnosfanadiga churches

Façade of the church of Sacro Cuore

The parish church of Santa Barbara stands out among the various religious buildings located inside the village. Apparently, it was built in three stages. Its first plan, in Gothic style, with cross vault, a nave with wooden roof and two chapels, dates back to 1300. The church was then modified in 1600 and, again, new restorations took place in 1900, when the roof was reconstructed in Marseille tiles and the bell tower was elevated. Inside, a fine painting of 1800 depicts the Virgin with Jesus Child. The visit may continue at the church of Sacro Cuore, built on the vestiges of the church of Sant’Elia. The present edifice, dedicated to the Sacred Heart, was built in the early decades of 1900. It consists of a central nave with presbytery and side-chapels, with walls embellished by frescoes featuring religious scenes. Not far from the inhabited centre of Gonnosfanadiga, the rural church of Santa Severa was raised on the site of an ancient Roman necropolis. The edifice was likely built after the year 1000, to be restructured towards 1700. Its interiors guard a small, most ancient statue of the Saint, which was never removed from there; the tradition has it that the removal of the statue would surely entail the burst of violent atmospheric phenomena.