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Barumini churches

Church of San Francesco

The village counts no less than 6 sacred buildings. Among the most ancient ones is the church of San Nicola, dating back to end of 12th – beginning of 13thC., built in ancient Pisan style. The church of San Giovanni Battista, whose original plan dates to the 13thC., was enlarged in the subsequent century; the church of Santa Lucia, dating back to the 14thC., shows a few signs of late-Gothic architecture. The church of Santa Tecla, in Aragonese style of the 17thC., presents late-Gothic features. In the subsequent centuries it was used as a public cemetery; now it hosts a multi-media museum of finds from the excavations of the nuraghe ‘Su Nuraxi’. The parish church of the Immaculate Holy Virgin, of great architectural value, dates from the 16th-17thC. and is divided into three naves in late-Gothic style. It guards a polychrome wooden predella, besides several tempera paintings referring to the school of Stampace, in Cagliari. Also, the church of San Francesco, re-built at the beginning of the 17th century, is adjacent to the annexed former convent of Capuchins, now hosting a multi-purpose cultural centre, including an important library specialized in archaeology and Sardinian studies.