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Castle of Sanluri

Bailey of the Castle of Sanluri

Built in the age of local kingdoms (‘giudicati’) between the 13th and the 14th century, the castle is the only one of its kind to be still inhabitable. Also, the edifice is famous as it witnessed some important historical events during the period of local kingdoms, given its boundary position between the reign of Cagliari and that of Arborea. After the fall of this latter, the fortress was turned into a borough and the manor became the feudal seat of the Count of Sanluri. Then the structure underwent a period of neglect, since 1839, when the King Carlo Alberto decided to suppress the feud. A reprise started in 1927, thanks to the General Count of Villasanta, who had the edifice restored. Today, it hosts several pieces of furniture of the period, as well as a Museum of Risorgimento and a collection of waxes made between 1500 and 1800. Since a few years, it is also possible to visit the rooms and the towers of the castle.