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Falls of ‘Muru Mannu’ and ‘Sa Spendula’ of Mt. Linas (Villacidro-Gonnosfanadiga)

The Rio Cannisoni

The falls of Muru Mannu, 72 m high, are the most imposing of the Linas Massif, but also the highest in the Island. They stem from the stream Muru Mannu, named Rio Cannisoni downstream. It can be reached by following a trekking route of medium difficulty, lasting about 2 hours, well indicated and neat, starting at the bottom of the valley. Although the route does not include any remarkable panoramic views, the proximity of the river and the numerous wades of Rio Cannisoni make the path pleasant and enjoyable. Many ruins of sheepfolds, huts and charcoal piles reveal the intense anthropization of the territory in times past.
After reaching the spectacular confluence between the channel Monincu and the Rio Linas, visitors may choose what path to follow, in order to get to the falls of Muru Mannu or to that of ‘Sa Spendula’ of Linas.