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Falls of Piscin’Irgas (Villacidro-Gonnosfanadiga)

Panoramic view of the falls of Piscin’Irgas

The falls of Piscin’Irgas are undoubtedly among the most spectacular ones in Mount Linas. Surrounded by imposing granitic rocks grooved by the stream Oridda, they precipitate from a height of about 60 m. They are accessible through a trekking route of medium difficulty, lasting about 2 hours. Starting from the locality of Magusu, in the territory of Villacidro, the path is marked by a red-white-red waymark numbered 113, presenting a slight change in level and, from a few panoramic terraces, offering a view over some of the highest peaks of Linas: Pk. Magusu (1023 m a.s.l.) and Pk. Acqua Zinnigas (1136 m a.s.l.). After reaching the falls, a long way of stone goes up to Piano d’Oridda, allowing to enjoy spectacular views over the falls and the numerous water springs. Falls are sought-for by free-climbers, who follow their route to jump into their crystal-clear waters.