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Traditional architecture

Typical house in the old centre of Villanovafranca

Among the villages of the province, the variety of buildings and related techniques shows best its uniqueness in the historical centres, either perched upon the mountains or softly stretching onto the plains. Despite of the prevailing logic of expansion and modernism, several villages have managed to retain a few wonderful features of traditional architecture.
Poor raw materials offered by the territory have been making the basis of common building typology, characterized by the use of local stone, raw bricks (‘ladiri’) and traditional Sardinian roof tiles – all still intensively produced in a few villages of the province. Walking down the old centres, a lot of houses built in Campidanese style present a typical courtyard, associated to local farming civilization, with a wide portal, an external open arcade and yards paved in cobble stones. Aimed at safeguarding the rich heritage of raw earth artefacts, several villages of Middle Campidano, (Villacidro, Sanluri, Guspini, Pabillonis, SamassiSan Gavino Monreale, Segariu, Serramanna and Serrenti) have subscribed to a National Association of Raw Earth Towns, focused on a special care for traditional architectural features.



  • Portal in the old centre Old centre of Collinas
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  • ‘Casa Dessì’ Villacidro, Dessì House
    At the heart of the old centre is the house where the writer Giuseppe Dessì spent his youth. This magnificent edifice has preserved its early features: a great wooden portal, a wide courtyard and an open arcade. The residential wing can be accessed through a brief, granite...