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The Central Campidano

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The Campidano is the most extensive plain in Sardinia; it stretches between the Gulf of Cagliari and the Gulf of Oristano for about 100 km. It is flanked to the east by the hills of the Trexenta and Marmilla , and to the west by the Linas mountain range. At one time it consisted of low-Iying marshy areas and wet lands, but the reclamation works carried out during the 20th century have made them excellently suitable for the cultivation of cereal crops and fruit and vegetables, activities which have seen constant development thanks to the introduction of an irrigation system covering the countryside. The Medio Campidano Province occupies the centraI portion of what was once known as the Campidano di Sanluri. This territory has along farming tradition, the main crops being grain, artichokes, vegetables and saffron. There is also thriving sheep rearing that exploits the extensive grazing areas and fodder fields.