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Sliced ham and sausage

In Sardinia as in Middle Campidano, cured products and sausage production can boast a long tradition, handed down from father to son, stemmed from the need to preserve meats for long at a time when modern refrigerators did not exist.
Thus, in the past, every yard had its own ‘pig’s house’ (sa domu e su procu). Pigs were fed on acorns and Indian figs; from their meats, sausages and a protein reserve for a whole year were ensured.

The preparation of cured products requires a few specific proceedings: a thorough salting, a generous amount of spices and a gradual ageing in places with a monitored temperature and moisture content, for the meats to loose their liquids at the best.

Products variety is remarkable. The most typical ones include black pudding, a sweet salami obtained with pig’s blood seasoned with aromas, with the addition of nuts and raisins; hams, sausages, mustela, bacon, lard, pig’s jowl and cheek, the testa in cassetta and much more.
Valuable and very appreciated are also sausages made in this province, including a special sheep’s ham and sausage.
Any cured products can be served as hors-d’œuvres, or they can be used to make delicious dishes characterized by the genuineness and taste of ancient traditions.

Local companies