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Bunch of small tomatoes hung in a porch

Tomato farming was imported in Europe by the Spaniards as an ornamental plant, for its lively scarlet red fruits and bright green leaves. Only later did it begin to be used for its delicious taste.

A number of variants are commonly farmed, both as table products and on an industrial scale. Roundish, pear-shaped or oval fruits can show a flat or ribbed surface, in a palette of colours from orange to a dark red.

Besides family-run production for daily use, or for preserved products, a number of industrial productions have seen farmers oriented towards the integrated organic fight to get positive results in the final quality of the product. Indeed, genuine and characteristic fruits are obtained in this way, due to the reduced size of the produce, entailing a sweeter taste.

Tomatoes are excellent when eaten raw in salads, with a little olive oil to valorise their organoleptic features. Also, they are quite indispensable in lots of dishes and used to prepare sauces in Sardinian cuisine.

In the countryside of Middle Campidano, tomato cultivation is widespread. Along country roads, it is common to see extensive fields coloured with ripe fruits, in particular in villages stretching onto the plains, such as Serramanna, Samassi and Villasor. There, every year, the Tomato Fair is an opportunity to taste this fruit, among lots of other local products.

Local companies