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Olive oil

The olive tree is one of the most widespread arboreal cultures in the territory of Middle Campidano, probably consolidated thanks to the first Eastern monks who settled in the Island.
Today, its remarkable development has made a few centres, such as Gonnosfanadiga and Villacidro, in particular, the leaders in olive production and top-quality extra-virgin olive oil. This latter has won a number of national concourses; this is why the two villages have adhered to the national initiative named ‘Le città dell’olio’.

Olives and oil-based products of the Province are renowned and appreciated in the whole island; their use in cooking is wide and varied, allowing to create elaborate dishes marked by a unique taste and flavour.
Olives are simply pickled or aromatized with herbs, or slit and sweetened in salty warm water for a few days and then aromatized with wild fennel seeds, garlic, parsley and vinegar; as an alternative, they can be used to accompany traditional dishes, mostly meat-based ones.
Oil is ranked among the best ones in Italy, thanks to the artisan-like processing technique and to the quality of olives. It is an essential element in local cuisine, which can be excellent even when tasted raw, on a slice of toasted bread, or used to season salads.

The Province has dedicated the Olive Fair to these two products. Taking place in Gonnosfanadiga in November, it guides visitors to taste food-and-wine assortments, among other events focused on local culture and craftsmanship exhibitions.

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