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Sardinia can be considered as the Italian region having the highest suitability in the manufacture of valuable honey, thanks to its thriving areas of melliferous flowers, the specially mild climate, the absence of polluting agents and an ancient beekeeping tradition.

Coloured beehives dot the fields of Middle Campidano. Local honey has got a few characteristic scents, tastes and nutritional properties, mainly resulting from endemic floral species growing in the different areas of the territory. This has favoured a significant range of variants, from the most common multiflower honey to asphodelus, thistle, eucalyptus, orange and arbutus honey, a precious variety having a characteristic, slightly bitter taste.

Honey is not only a main ingredient in confectionery, from nougat to pardulas: it is also a delicacy to be tasted on ricotta or cheese.

Also, local tradition has been employing it for its lenitive and curative properties against the cough, to treat the anaemic and for its balsamic qualities.

It can be tasted in all its varieties during the Honey Fair, taking place every year in August in the mining borough of Montevecchio. On such occasion, the numerous local firms present the product and all its derivatives, manufactured with traditional techniques ensuring its origin and genuineness.

Local companies

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