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A basket of melons

The Province of Middle Campidano is characterized by a rich production of melons, available in different qualities and farmed according to various methods. During the last few years, in particular, winter melon (or dryland-farmed melon) cultivation has been increasing. At first, this special technique originated due to the climatic conditions of the Island; now it is being enhanced as it can yield a tasty, quality produce.
Dryland-farmed melons, growing in a situation of total lack of water, stand as a typical bio-farming specialty in the region of Marmilla. More specifically, the territory of the Province has reserved a good 50 hectares to this crop. The record goes to Lunamatrona, a small centre of Marmilla, where a Market-Fair of the dryland-farmed melon is organized every year, including an exhibition and tasting of local products.
Dryland-farmed melon represents a single case in the whole Island, therefore it is regarded as a production to be safeguarded and valorised.

Local companies