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Small glass of lemon liqueur

Sardinia can boast an important liqueur-making tradition, born from a rich quality and natural values, resulting from the endemic varieties of the island landscapes, including myrtle, arbutus, citrus fruits and saffron.

Distillation starts at home level, following simple proceedings, products and local aromas; bitter herbs are balanced by sweet honey and sugar.
Nevertheless, home-made production is now sided by an industrial output by small and middle companies, combining the know-how of local tradition with the advantages of technological innovation, allowing to manufacture a wide range of excellent distilled products.

The Middle Campidano can boast a record in the distillery practice, as the small town of Villacidro has got a century-old tradition in the (often stealthy) art of distillation. In time, this tradition has turned into a trade. Thanks to the skill of the Murgia family, indeed, a liqueur factory was established; products such as the ‘Villacidro Murgia’, in its Yellow and White versions, have had the name of the small town and of the whole island circulating throughout several European countries.

Still today, as in the past, every house has got a bottle of the typical liqueur, to be served neat or to be used as a flavour in sweets and fruit salads.
The ‘Villacidro Giallo’ is a semi-sweet liqueur aromatized with anise and saffron, whose recipe is jealously guarded by the Murgia family, handing it down from father to son.

The province also produces liqueurs from myrtle, tangerines and oranges, these latter being farmed in vast areas of the territory.

Local companies