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Legumes and cereals


Once considered as poor people’s meat, legumes were commonly present at the table of less wealthy families, for whom meat was a luxury food that could not be afforded. Today, being appreciated even by the best gourmets, chickpeas, white beans, broad beans and lentils are the secret of delicious, savoury dishes. Legumes, indeed, are one of the key foods in traditional cuisine: dried up to be better preserved in time, they are used to prepare tasty soups, or as side-dishes to accompany meat-based second courses. Still today, a number of valuable pulse qualities are produced in the Province of Middle Campidano. Special fairs are dedicated to this traditional food, such as the ‘Legumes Fair’, which takes place in Las Plassas, every year in October, around the hill where the Castle rises. The occasion cannot be missed by those who wish to taste legumes in the most appetizing dishes of local cuisine. With a keen eye on local productions and specialties of its own territory, the province is enhancing pulse farming through several important projects, aiming to their valorisation and protection.

Local companies