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By tradition, the fertile countryside of Middle Campidano is a fruit-producing land: citrus fruits, cherries, peaches and pears are grown in the gentle sunny plains benefiting from the abundance of water.

Citrous fruits enjoy particularly favourable conditions. In winter, their juicy pulp can be tasted either fresh or in the preparation of sweets, jams, candied fruit and liqueurs.
Cherry is extensively farmed in the province, characterized by a firm, tasty pulp. Cherry trees, expanding over whole valleys in the territory of Villacidro, are the protagonist of the well-known Cherry Fair, colouring the old centre in spring.
Peaches are also largely produced; they are scented fruits, with a sweet and slightly aromatized taste, consumed either fresh, on local tables, or as delicious preserves.
Pears were farmed in Sardinia ever since the Roman age, for their taste properties and flavour and their resistance to drought.
Dryland-farmed melons, or winter melons, are most juicy, sweet and scented fruits, resulting from the scarce amount of water they require to grow.
Delicious watermelons are also locally produced.

Local companies