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Breeding distribution in Sardinia, with special reference to ovine, caprine and swine rearing, is partly explained by the continuous invasions of the island from overseas in ancient times, which forced locals to take refuge in the hinterland. Consequently, the province of Middle Campidano, where plains alternate with extensive pastures and mountainous areas, was settled by pig breeders and goatherds, handing down traditional agro-pastoral activities.

Typical meat dishes give local cuisine the tastes and scents of rugged mountains and ancient lands. Spit-roasted meats include suckling pig, lamb and suckling kid; this latter has got a delicately wild taste, resulting from a nutrition wholly based on goat’s milk, produced, in turn, from herds pasturing among the maquis.

Meats can be excellent when stewed, too: wild boar flavoured with the typical wild herbs of the area; goat meat boiled in a broth, or scented with aromatic tomato-based sauces; stewed lamb with artichokes, thistles or wild fennels.

Nothing is discarded from an animal: the innards are used to create foods of a marked, intense taste, such as the cordula, roasted entrails of mutton, sheep or goat, rolled and entwined to form a braid, and the trattalia, consisting of lamb or kid entrails, also braided in a cylindrical form.
Naturally, game is also very appreciated. Meats are cooked with masterly skill and scented with spontaneous herbs and shrubs.

Local companies

  • Questa azienda aderisce al Paniere della Provincia Verde Pilloni Luigi
    Via Marmilla, 12 - 09035 Gonnosfanadiga
    Telefono: 320 87 06 824
    Tipo di produzione: Coltivazione ortaggi - elicicoltura